A Guide to Completing the Task: Saving the Mole Tarkov

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The difficult and engaging game Escape from Tarkov demands players to finish a variety of chores to advance. One such assignment is “Saving the Mole,” which, in the absence of instructions, can be somewhat difficult. This tutorial will take you through the process of finishing this assignment and rescuing the Mole in Escape from Tarkov.

Understanding the Task

The “Saving the Mole” mission asks you to find and remove the useful NPC Mole from the Interchange map. You must kill the hostile Scavs holding the Mole captive and make sure the Mole is safe before removing it.

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Preparing for the Task

It’s critical to be ready before starting the rescue of the Mole. Here are some things to think about:

  1. Weapons and Gear: Verify you have the right tools and weaponry for the job. Bring body armor, a helmet, a dependable rifle with enough rounds, and a backpack to hold any treasure you may come across.
  2. Medical Supplies: Having enough medical supplies, such bandages, painkillers, and a CMS kit, is essential for treating any injuries received during the expedition.
  3. Map Knowledge: Start the work by becoming familiar with the Interchange map. You’ll be well ahead if you know how the map is laid out and where the enemies might spawn.

Executing the Task

You’re ready now, so go ahead and save the Mole. To finish the work successfully, take following actions:

  1. Spawn Location: First, on the Interchange map, choose a good place to spawn. You might have to move fast to avoid running across other players, depending on where you spawn.
  2. Move Stealthily: Move carefully as you approach the Mole’s location to avoid drawing undue notice. To reduce noise, use cover, hunch over, and move gradually.
  3. Eliminate Hostile Scavs: You’ll come onto a gang of hostile Scavs defending the Mole when you get there. Kill each one separately, being careful and covert to prevent waking up other foes in the area.
  4. Secure the Area: When the Scavs are gone, secure the area and look for any further dangers. Clearing the area is critical to the Mole’s safety.
  5. Extract the Mole: Approach the Mole and engage with him to start the extraction procedure after the location is secured. Ahead of any possible hostile player ambushes, shield the Mole during the extraction.
  6. Extract Safely: You must securely remove off the Interchange map after the extraction operation is finished. Guard against any surviving foes or player scavs who could try to ambush you.

Tips for Success

Though it can be difficult, you can improve your chances of success by using the appropriate tactics and attitude. To assist you along the road, consider these further advice:

  • Play sensibly and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Hunt for enemy movements and firing with your ears.
  • To improve your chances of success, think about teaming up.
  • Profit on the Mole’s expertise and information to get an advantage on next assignments.
  • Study every effort and modify your tactics as needed.


A difficult mission in Escape from Tarkov, saving the Mole calls for meticulous preparation, execution, and a solid grasp of the game mechanics. You will be prepared to finish the assignment and save the Mole if you use the advice and follow the procedures in this book. Congratulations!