How to choose quality wireless headphones for PC or TV

Listening to music or watching a movie has a completely different effect with a pair of headphones, especially if it is wireless (with wireless technology).
Thanks to the absence of cable, we will no longer be tied to staying close to the PC or television, we will be able to listen to anything without disturbing those in the house or in the neighborhood, enjoying higher quality sound than simple speakers. or speakers built into the TV or connected to the PC. But how to choose quality wireless headphones without making mistakes “> How to improve the sound of wireless headphones (PC and smartphone)

How to choose wireless headphones

To choose the correct model of wireless headphones, we will have to take a look at the technical characteristics.
Since the parameters can be numerous, these are the ones you should consider when choosing a pair of wireless headphones.
– Wireless technology used: The wireless technology used is important to connect the selected headphones to the playback device without problems. The most used technology is undoubtedly Bluetooth, which allows you to connect headphones to any modern smartphone or tablet, to your PC (via the Bluetooth adapter) and to some televisions equipped with Bluetooth technology. Alternatively, RF (radio frequencies) are used, often associated with a separate transmission base to connect to the television or playback device via an audio cable or optical audio cable. WiFi Direct can also be used as a streaming system, but it is not widespread and will not be taken into account.
– Wireless signal coverage : this parameter directly depends on the type of wireless technology adopted and the listening distance. If the chosen headphones adopt Bluetooth technologies, we will obtain maximum quality and absence of interference within the first 3-4 meters, with the signal decaying rapidly after 5 meters (especially in the presence of obstacles or other wireless waves). Therefore, Bluetooth headphones are great if used close enough to the source, while they may not be usable at medium distances (such as the TV couch, where 10 meters away can make a difference). Headphones that use radio frequencies (RF) certainly have greater coverage with the best results obtainable up to 15 meters, but in particular they suffer from interference with other radio wave devices (FM stereo, clock radio, home alarms, control automatic door remote, etc.), so the audio quality may not be perfect even if we are close enough (we can hear interference like when we listen to disturbed FM radio). To solve this kind of problem, RF wireless headphones often offer multiple tuning channels, so you can independently choose the best channel without interference.
– Transmission security : the Bluetooth connection is encrypted, therefore no one else will be able to hear what we are transmitting to the headphones (except in the case where you decide to also connect to the same source). Instead, the radio connection is clear, so (from a theoretical point of view) anyone can pick up the radio frequency we are using for the headphones and hear everything we are transmitting.
It is not uncommon to also “intercept” other radio transmissions, which will be reproduced by headphones that disturb listening. While this parameter may not be important in most scenarios, it might be if we live in an area where radio waves are often used to communicate or control vehicles remotely (ham radio stations, model airplane tracks , military or air force barracks, etc.).
– Systems to improve audio: the most expensive models of wireless headphones allow you to obtain higher quality while listening by using independent equalizers, compatible with proprietary audio compression protocols (APT-X, AAC, CSR or A2DP) or by mounting a dedicated chip to audio conversion (DAC). Models with these features deliver crisp, clean audio with powerful volumes at any listening frequency, for a truly unique experience.
– Usage scenario: More expensive headphones are not said to be good for all usage scenarios. For example, if we are looking for wireless headphones to listen to television in the living room without disturbing, the best solution is radio wave (RF) headphones, which are easy to configure and of good quality (without interference). If, instead, we want to use wireless headphones on the PC or smartphone/tablet, the best option is undoubtedly Bluetooth headphones, which offer maximum quality in the short distance and can also improve the audio quality thanks to the improvements integrated into high-end models.

The best wireless headphones

After seeing the features that good wireless headphones should have, let’s see together the best models equipped with Bluetooth technology.
1) JBL T450 BT

RF Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

After looking at Bluetooth headphones, we discovered the best models of radio frequency (RF) headphones that we can buy.
1) AmazonBasics – Wireless Headphones
These headphones produced by Amazon allow you to enjoy the quality of the audio transmitted by the TV in the living room without disturbing anyone, ideal for those who often watch TV at night or at high volumes. Ready to use and easily configurable, thanks to the RCA cable (red and white) or the RCA connector adapter for televisions equipped with a headphone output. The charging base is excellent, as is the quality/price ratio.
You can see this model from here -> AmazonBasics – Wireless headphones (€55)
2) Sony MDR-RF855RK
Sony is a very reliable brand in terms of headphones, and also has a valid model that works through radio waves, with a rechargeable battery via the convenient base (which also acts as a signal transmission source) and a very large headband, which can be easily adjusted.
If you are interested, you can see this model here -> Sony MDR-RF855RK (€65)
3) Panasonic RP-WF830WE-K
The Panasonic headphones are among the best in the category, thanks to the large adjustable headband, the large ears size (to effectively isolate from external sounds), a battery life of 20 hours and a stylish charging base.